Thursday Classes in Wilmslow

Class 1 - Basic Technique Course for Argentine Tango (7:15pm - 8:15pm)

For complete Tango novices and experienced dancers who want to improve their core technique. This course is designed to build your skills and confidence over the weeks by introducing bite-sized Tango movements that can be woven together in an improvised and creative way to enjoy beautiful dances.

No partner required.

If you have never danced social Argentine Tango before you will be amazed at how quickly you can create a fully improvised dance.

If you already dance Argentine Tango as a leader or as a follower and want to learn the opposite role this is the perfect class for you.

If you are looking to reconnect with the Tango after a long time away from the dance you'll find this class gives you a fantastic refresh of the core skills.

If you want to make your dancing so clear you can dance with anyone of any level of experience from complete novice to advanced dancer the Basic Technique course is the place to come.

If you are coming to our Exploring Tango class it would be great if you could also attend this class to support those who might be less experienced, and to get the most from your evening.

The Basic Technique Course covers...

  • The Tango walk
  • Side-step
  • Rock-step
  • Salida
  • Forward and Backward Ocho
  • Giro
  • The Cross
  • and how to link these elements together

Class 2 - Exploring Tango (8:45pm - 9:45pm)

A drop-in class for dancers with minimum one year Tango experience who can confidently dance all of the elements of the Basic Technique Course.

No partner required.

This class explores Tango ideas such as...

  • Leader and follower refined technique
  • Embrace, connection, and internal couple communication
  • Management of the Tango dance space
  • Movement and structures
  • Musicality and musical interpretation
  • Orchestra awareness and appreciation
  • Shaping your dance to the musical genre (tango, vals, and milonga)

Evening Structure

6:45pm – 7:15pmDoors open / Practice Time
7:15pm – 8:15pmClass 1 - Basic Technique
8:15pm – 8:45pmPractice Time, 30 minutes to practice and dance
8:45pm – 9:45pmClass 2 - Exploring Tango
9:45pm – 10:30pmPractice Time, 45 minutes to practice and dance

We still run the Basic Technique class on our Stepping Out Milonga evening.

Evening Price

£10 per evening
£45 for 5 consecutive weeks
£85 for 10 consecutive weeks

If you are coming to the Basic Technique course as an absolute Tango novice and after your first class you decide to join us, we will ask you to commit to your first 10 weeks with the £85 payment option. But if you find that you don't want to join us then just pay the evening price.


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